Where Do I Go?


Due West Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP) is located at 112 Main Street (the corner of Main and Church Streets) in Due West, South Carolina. Our parking lot is on the east side of the building across Church Street.

Enter the side entrance toward the rear of the building nearest the parking lot to find a Directory of Classrooms that will help you locate a specific class. Our Sunday School classes begin at 10:00 a. m. We have two adult classes and five children’s classes.

Sunday Morning Worship (11:00 a. m.) is held in the sanctuary. You may reach the sanctuary by using one of two interior doors on second floor in the rear section of the building or by the front entrance of the church building. There are three double doors leading to a vestibule in front of the sanctuary.


What If I Need Handicap Access?

If you need handicapped access there is a lower exterior entrance at the back of the east side of the church with a space for parking long enough to load or unload. There is a restroom for handicapped persons immediately inside and to the right. Continue through the second doorway to the fellowship hall on the first floor. There is an elevator on the left. This elevator services all three floors. If you desire to enter the sanctuary from the rear go to the second floor through the classroom at the elevator exit into the hallway and turn to your left where there is a door that enters the sanctuary. After entering this door immediately on the left there is a lift by which you may access the main floor of the sanctuary.

If your first destination is the sanctuary and you need handicapped access, please drive to the west side of the building (watch for the handicapped sign just past the front of the building), enter the driveway and the exterior lift is on the right under a canopy. A deacon will be present to operate the lift, which will take you to the main doors. The middle of three main doors has a ramp, making entry for a wheelchair easy.


Where Are The Restrooms?

There are five unisex restrooms. There are two inside the vestibule (one on each side). Two additional restrooms are found on the second floor, and a restroom for handicapped persons is located just inside the handicapped entrance to the fellowship hall.

We also have a separate restroom for small children inside the nursery.


Do You Have Nurseries For My Children?

Your children are important to us. We furnish two nurseries during Morning Worship on Sundays. You will find a nursery for children up to eighteen months of age on the west side of the second floor. A second nursery for ages eighteen months to four years of age located at the west side of the fellowship hall. Two adults are present in each of these nurseries from 10:45 a. m. until the conclusion of the worship service.


What Do I Wear?

Due West ARP always welcomes you, and you may wear any comfortable clothing. You will find a variety of dress among members; some wear suits or dresses and others dress more casually.


What Is The Morning Worship Service Like?

Our Morning Worship Service is held in the sanctuary at 11:00 a. m. each Sunday. In the summers during July and early August the service is held in the fellowship hall. There will be designated “Greeters” inside the main doors to welcome you, and you will receive a copy of the bulletin for the day’s service.

The service is a combination of old and new traditions. After announcements, we generally have a musical call to worship that signals the beginning of the worship service.

The congregation participates through the singing of old and new hymns and songs, through the reading of passages of Scripture responsively, and through the meditative reading of the Scriptures upon which the Pastor’s message is based. If you need a Bible during the service there are copies in the pew racks. Please also fill out and place in the offering plate a Visitor’s Card that you will also see in the rack in front of your pew. Our choir provides special music most Sundays. We celebrate open communion four times each year.

Following the Morning Prayer, the deacons will receive tithes and offerings. Please do not feel that you must contribute, but if you do, we extend our appreciation. If not, please know that we consider your presence among us as a blessing.

Pastor Calvin Draffin always delivers a Scripture-based message during each service. After leading us through selected verses, he makes an application between them and our lives in the twenty-first century.

After the worship service the Pastor or an elder will great you at the exits. Our prayer is that you will have received a blessing from attending Morning Worship at Due West ARP Church, and that you will come again soon!