Appalachia Mission Trip

Each year our church sends a team to serve the children and families at McClure's Methodist Church and Rose Hill Christian Church in Rose Hill, VA. The week consists of Vacation Bible School lessons that share of Christ's love and gift of salvation as well as nightly worship with others who have been called to serve.

DWARP Missionaries



Mary Galloway Giffin, 1875-1881, Egypt

Mary Parkinson Jenkins, January-June 2008 and 2009, September-March 2010 and 2013, September-April 1014 and 2015, Tanzania

Gordon and Isabel Simpson Parkinson, he 1932-1935, she 1931-1937, both 1946-1951, Egypt

Mary Todd McGee, 1937-1940, Egypt

Sara Adelia Parkinson Pressly, 1937-1940, Egypt

Edna Parkinson Morrison, 1948-1962, Egypt

Elizabeth Clarke Robertson, 1950-1960, Belgian Congo

Jo Ann Griffith, 1959-2005, Ethiopia 



Mark Grier, 1892-1917

Irene McCain, 1920s

Florence Nickles, 1920s

Lois Young, 1917-1942

Mason and Louise Young, 1916-1949



Phillip and Patrea Casey Bowser, 1993-2001, Peru and Mexico

William Walkup Boyce, 1912-1913, 1921-1922

James and Evalyn Wright Coad, 1979-1983

Flora Todd Harper Halliday, 1926-1971

Sharon Bell Griffin, 1986-1990

Robert Kuykendall, 2001-2002, and Chile in 2003

Rachel McElroy, 1925-1935, 1953-1954, 1958-1959

Tom Morrison, 1988-1991



Rebekah Carson, 2005–present, Germany

Jennifer Katona Fairbairn, 1993-1994, Uzbekistan

Jay and Kerstin Hering, Germany

Jennifer Young Jurkowski, 2014 to present, Germany

Colby and Emma Carson Pike, preparing to serve as missionaries in Scotland in 2015

David and Marilyn Allison Simmons, 1978 - present, Peru



Ebenezer and Mary Millen Gettys, 1924-1939

Mary Kennedy, 1921-1961

Kenneth and Betty Jean Hoff Morris, 1953-1960

Sara Morrison. 1989-1993

Frank and Sarah Hunter Pressly, 1947-1971, Mrs. Pressly 1972-1978 Pakistan, 1979-1982, Mexico and 1983-1986, Pakistan

Margaret White, 1954-1992

Reynolds and Cecil Young, 1959-1965, 1967-1972; Tanzania 1986-1992 



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